Credit Correction

Credit Correction

If there are issues with your credit that’s preventing you from buying a home, then we need to meet to resolve those issues and get you on a path to home ownership. We see many clients with credit challenges that are not their fault.

We challenge the negative accounts that affect your credit score by working with the bureaus and creditors. Over your lifetime, with a bad credit score, you can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bad credit means higher loan interest rates and that all adds up over the years. Bad credit can hold you back from achieving major life goals like buying a house. We’ll ensure your credit history is correct, up-to-date, and is an honorable reflection of you.

Contact us for a consultation over the phone or if you would like to meet us, we’ll be glad to set up an appointment that’s convenient for you. We look forward to assisting you on getting you those keys to your new home.


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